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7 Types of Videos on YouTube, Complete How to Create Channels and Upload

There are seven types of videos on YouTube, namely daily vlogs, travel vlogs, food vlogs, relationship vlogs, beauty and lifestyle vlogs, kids vlogs, and cinematic vlogs. Of the seven types of videos on YouTube, you can generate abundant profits, you know.

Revenue from YouTube ads is around US$1.5 per 1,000 views. The principle is that the more views, the more income that goes into the account. How, interested in making the types of videos on YouTube? It’s not hard, really.

The thing that needs to be prepared in addition to creating content according to the types of videos on YouTube that you are interested in is understanding how to create a channel and upload videos on YouTube. Here reviews an explanation of the types of videos on YouTube, how to create a channel, and uploads from various sources.

Types of Videos on YouTube

1. Daily Vlog

Daily vlog is one of the types of videos on YouTube that creators produce almost every day. The types of videos on YouTube that vlogs are the most popular style. In the daily vlog, viewers can see a summary of various activities carried out by creators in a full day, depending on the activities of the creators that are followed. These types of videos on YouTube are perfect for creators who have a lot of work to do every day.

2. Travel Vlog

The types of videos on YouTube that travel vlogs are to share information about new places visited. This is the main goal of a travel vlog. Through the types of videos on YouTube that travel vlogs, creators can take their viewers to explore unique places in a video.

Important things such as recommendations for tourist attractions, costs, to unique places that not many people know can be obtained through the types of videos on YouTube that are travel vlogs. Currently, there are many types of travel vlogs that can be found.

3. Food Vlog

In addition to traveling, discussing food becomes interesting content to be used as a vlog. The culinary wealth that exists both domestically and abroad can certainly be interesting information for the audience. The types of videos on YouTube that are food vlogs usually include several types of content, such as food reviews, reviews of places to eat, culinary tours, or cooking tutorials.


Being a food vlogger has many advantages. Besides being able to taste various foods, one day you will definitely get offers from various parties whether it’s to try new foods or review a restaurant. In Indonesia itself, there are already several creators making various types of videos on YouTube who are food vloggers and are already popular, such as Moinblog, JWestBros, and Gerry Girianza.

4. Relationship Vlog

For those of you who already have a partner, there’s nothing wrong with making various types of videos on YouTube with relationship vlogs about the current relationship. Through these types of videos on YouTube, creators can share experiences and tips on how to live a relationship in a video. The types of videos on YouTube that are relationship vlogs are usually very popular with teenagers. Some of the couples who are popular with this relationship vlog genre video are the Arief-Tipang couple and the DinaDinoDay couple.

5. Beauty and Lifestyle Vlog

The types of videos on YouTube that are beauty and lifestyle vlogs are dominated by female creators. Through the types of videos on YouTube that are beauty and lifestyle vlogs, usually creators create content that contains tips on mix and match clothes, make up tutorials, and reviews of certain products.

These types of videos on YouTube are very useful for viewers to find guidance related to appearance. Beauty and lifestyle content in Indonesia is already quite popular, some of the creators of which are Cindercella, Rachel Goddard, and Abel Cantika.

6. Kids Vlog

Currently, the types of videos on YouTube that are kids vlogs are starting to be liked by Indonesian Youtube viewers. The adorable behavior of these toddlers becomes an interesting thing in the types of videos on YouTube that are kids vlogs. In addition to the daily life of the child, the types of videos on YouTube that kids vlog also usually contain tips and tricks for taking care of children for new couples who have their first child. There are already several channels with the popular kids vlog genre, such as Tatan vlog, #TemanTapiMenikah, and Messages for Bjorka.

7. Cinematic Vlog

Unlike the usual daily vlogs, the types of videos on YouTube that are cinematic vlogs have great appeal in shooting and editing techniques. Shot and editing techniques used properly can make a place look more luxurious and attractive than usual. In the world of Indonesian online videos, the types of videos on YouTube that are cinematic vlogs like this were popularized by Chandra Liow through several of his vlogs.

The Role of Millennial Influencers is Effective in Helping Overcome Stunting in Indonesia

STUNTING is a major health problem for Indonesia, where currently, out of three children under five in Indonesia, there is one classified as stunting child. If this does not improve, then Indonesia is in danger of failing to take advantage of the 2030 demographic bonus and the 2045 golden generation.

Various clinical and epidemiological evidences show that if many Indonesian children under five are stunted, then in the next 10-20 years, this country’s productive age generation will have less cognitive abilities, low productivity abilities, and poor quality human resources.
Community health and occupational medicine practitioner from the Health Collaborative Center, Dr. dr. Ray W Basrowi, MKK when he was an expert resource at the Millennial Role Prevent Stunting BKKBN webinar, said that the use of digital resources and the role of local influencers for millennials would be more effective in building public awareness that could change the nation’s health behavior patterns.

He said, many small-scale community medical studies in several regions in Indonesia were able to prove that a synergistic approach between the use of digital media including social media and influencers known to the local community, was able to increase the knowledge of mothers and young parents to improve parenting styles, including parenting eating in the family. .

“This has enormous potential to help the government reduce and prevent cases of malnutrition and malnutrition in the first thousand days of life,” said Dr Ray.


The owner of the Instagram account @ray.w.basrowi said, several public health studies also said that the Millennial Generation is the new messengers for public health in the world, including in Indonesia.

According to him, in several regions in Indonesia, millennials have carried out various digital and technology-based innovations to educate young families to improve parenting and eating patterns, which are considered effective in helping prevent and overcome stunting.
“Some use gadgets with local heroes, use traditional youth jargons, even include the context of folklore and local consumption in online learning activities at the village level,” he said.
“For example, Healthy Village in Purwakarta, millennial network activities to prevent stunting in West Kalimantan, and even a local YouTube campaign in Kediri.”

According to Dr Ray, these activities have seen positive results, namely improving the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of millennial families to understand nutrition and stunting, as well as potentially breaking the chain of chronic malnutrition in the community.

“And most importantly this innovative approach of millennial children, already has epidemiological evidence that is even published in international scientific journals,” said Dr Ray.
So according to him, the government can use the millennial network to help reduce stunting rates in Indonesia, with an effective, evidence-based approach in this community.

For this reason, General Practitioners who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Unsrat and earned a Doctorate in Medical Science at FKUI, invited the government, especially the BKKBN which had been appointed by President Jokowi, as the leading stunting prevention sector in Indonesia to embrace the results of innovations in nutrition and stunting prevention, namely millennial friends in Indonesia. throughout Indonesia.
“This is part of the 1000 Partners Movement for the First 1000 Days of Life, so that Indonesia can reduce stunting rates more quickly and more effectively,” said Dr Ray again.


No YouTube Rewind This Year, Why?

Since 2010, YouTube has always closed the year by showing YouTube Rewind compilation videos. But for this year the YouTube Rewind video will be discontinued.

Rewind videos uploaded annually highlight the biggest moments, creators and trends on YouTube over the past year. However, because 2020 is a different year than previous years, YouTube doesn’t feel like it’s suitable to launch a Rewind video this year.

We know that many of the good things that happened in 2020 were created by all of you,” YouTube wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

“You find ways to please other people, help them survive, and make them laugh. You make a difficult year so much better.”

2020 is supposed to be the 10th year the Google subsidiary launched its Rewind video. But this year is actually the first year that YouTube Rewind has been absent since it was first broadcast 10 years ago.


Netizens on Twitter had different reactions to YouTube’s announcement that it was canceling this year’s Rewind. Some think this is the right decision, others say this should be a moment for YouTube to highlight the positive things that happened in 2020.

YouTube Rewind videos filled with top celebrities and YouTubers are usually watched hundreds of millions of times every year. Despite being watched a lot, many other users found this video a little disappointing.

For example, the YouTube Rewind 2018 video, starring dozens of YouTubers and celebrities, from Gen Lightning to Will Smith. Although it has been watched more than 200 million times, this video is also the most disliked video on YouTube with 18 million dislikes.

It is not yet known whether YouTube will bring Rewind videos back in 2021.

Are you a Youtuber? Check out How to Calculate Income from Youtube

Now almost everyone wants to become a YouTuber in droves because they see some of the first successful YouTubers with extraordinary incomes. But there are still many who do not know about the origin of the YouTuber’s income. To find out, there are several sources of income and how to calculate income from Youtube.

However, to get this income, a content creator is required to create interesting content and upload it regularly to attract many subscribers.

Then to monetize Youtube videos, you must meet several conditions, such as the YouTube channel you own has gotten 4 thousand views in the last 12 months and has at least 1,000 subscribers.

Apart from the number of clicks and views on the ads that appear, there are several other sources of income from YouTubers such as YouTube Ads, Affiliate Marketing, selling products and services, and endorsements.


Youtuber’s income is obtained directly from YouTube according to its policies. The indicator that is generally used to calculate youtube revenue is Revenue per Impression (RPM).

This RPM is the money or profit that will be obtained from every 1,000 ad views on all videos on the Youtube channel.

For the RPM obtained in Indonesia, the money (RPM) per thousand ad impressions is approximately Rp. 7,000, while abroad it is 1 dollar/Rp. 15,000. RPM itself is also determined by several factors, such as traffic quality, country of origin of the account owner, video category, ad serving price, adblock, number of clicks and others. This is what makes the RPM or profit generated by each youtuber is different.

To calculate it, just assume our video channel has been watched by 5,000 users. So it shows that there are approximately 550 people who see the ad to completion. Then the calculation can be done based on the RPM in Indonesia which is Rp. 7,000 per thousand viewers.

Now we have found some components to calculate it. Before looking for the results that a youtuber will get, we must first calculate the nominal charged to advertisers. Because pure YouTuber income from YouTube is calculated based on a profit-sharing system with a percentage of 55 percent multiplied by the advertiser’s fee burden.

So to get the advertiser’s tariff burden, that is by multiplying the number of RPM by the number of viewers, which is Rp.

This number will be multiplied again by 55% of the profit sharing. Where IDR 3,850,000 x 55% profit sharing earns IDR 2,117,500. This last number will be given by YouTube to the owner of the Youtube account or YouTuber.

In addition to the calculations above, a youtuber can also earn income from cost per click (CPC). The amount transferred to the account is approximately IDR 5,000-12,000 per click. If in 1,000 ad impressions you get three clicks, it means the fee is only 0.3 percent.

AdSense is an advertising network product from Google whose profits are determined by many factors. The point is that a YouTuber still has to get as many subscribers as possible.

A Fast Way to Get 1,000 YouTube Viewers in a Day

Do you have a YouTube channel? How do you get 1,000 YouTube viewers a day? You surely know that getting lots of YouTube viewers in a short amount of time is not easy. Even so, slowly, you will definitely have a YouTube channel viewer that is increasing every day, as long as you always maintain consistency on schedule and continue to work to improve the quality of YouTube content that you upload. Through this article, we will review some tips that can help you increase your YouTube channel viewer.

Consistently Improving Your YouTube Content

Consistent is the most important key in everything. Including making the YouTube channel that you manage successfully. To realize this, you need to maintain your consistency in 3 aspects.

First, make sure you create video and audio quality vlogs that make your YouTube viewer comfortable watching your work. In addition, a good resolution also needs to be taken into consideration so that the vlog that you create can be seen, either by using a mobile screen or through a large-screen TV.

Second, pay attention to the content that you will carry and how it can create bonds with your YouTube channel viewer. One of them is by providing a comment room or asking questions or even requests that make them feel close to you. Also, pay attention to the criticism that comes in order to enhance your abilities further. A good two-way conversation is always needed in order to establish a good connection with the readers, or users.


Third, create a consistent video upload schedule. And try to upload videos on your YouTube channel according to the schedule you have set and let your YouTube channel viewers know about the schedule, so they know when you will upload a new video or vlog.

Create an Interesting Title

The title is the first thing that will be seen from your vlog. Therefore, making an interesting vlog title can increase the number of viewers of your YouTube channel. Even so, don’t forget to make a title that stays in touch with the vlog content that you created.

Focus on Building a Community

Furthermore, do not consider the vlogs that you created as fanservice that you provide to fans. However, think of the vlog as building relationships between you and your YouTube viewer. Every vlog you create can begin with questions or conversations that can build a community around your YouTube channel.

You can also connect with your YouTube viewer by responding to existing comments or throwing in a question that they can answer in the comments column.

Another way is to take advantage of other social media that you have such as Instagram, Google+, Facebook page, and others. Don’t be afraid to interact with other vloggers or people who share your interests. Because that way, your network will gradually broaden. In addition, in the long run, they can also help promote your YouTube channel.

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other YouTubers. If you have a YouTube Channel that talks a lot about how to take care of a bicycle, and there are other YouTubers who have a channel that talks about how to form a body, you can collaborate with them or promote each other’s YouTube accounts.

Collaboration is one of the most effective ways to get more YouTube viewers. By collaborating, both you and your collaboration partner will both benefit.

Start Blogging

You can also increase your YouTube viewer number by creating a blog that synergizes with your vlog. That way, you can load more keywords so that your blog can be more easily found, and you can direct your blog visitors to the YouTube channel that you manage.

5 Recommended YouTube SEO Tools that are widely used

In the midst of the popularity of YouTube as a platform that is widely used by social media users today, it is important for a YouTuber to know the variety of YouTube SEO tools available.

This is done to optimize the performance of video content in order to occupy a high position on YouTube search pages and browsers.

Therefore, if you don’t know any of these tools, you should be familiar with YouTube’s various SEO tools that can improve the performance of your video below.

1. Google Trend

Before creating YouTube content, you should research first in relation to trending topics that are being sought after. You can use Google Trend tools to find out.

In addition to knowing the topics that are being discussed a lot, Google Trend also helps you compare one topic to another so that they can give you an idea of ​​which topics are better.

To use it, you only need to type the topic you want to search, specify YouTube search, and narrow the search in the area and time column. You can use this Youtube SEO tool for free.

2. VidlQ

Next, Youtube SEO tools, you can get them through Chrome extension applications like VidiQ. VidlQ is useful for increasing the ranking of videos on YouTube, as well as learning how to optimize the videos.

Through this Youtube SEO tool, you will find out the level of audience engagement, hourly views, display duration, and even tell you how likely your video is to enter the suggested video search section.

Unfortunately, to use this sophisticated tool, you need to pay packages starting from USD 7.50 per month (Pro) and USD 30 per month (Boost).

3. YouTube Analytics

If Google has Google Analytics, YouTube also has analytic tools called YouTube Analytics. This tool is very effective in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your YouTube channel.

youtube analytics

Through this tool, you can find out how many new audiences are coming and how many old audiences are returning to your channel, the average viewing duration, the most-watched videos, the number of subscribers, the number of views, how many audiences are sharing the video and others -other.

The important thing you need to know is that the longer the duration of viewing on your channel, the better it is on YouTube Analytics. Don’t hesitate to use it because this tool is available free on YouTube.

4. TubeBuddy

Almost the same as VidlQ tools, you can also install TubeBuddy via the Chrome extension. TubeBuddy can be used to check Video SEO and data, and research needs to be done.

There are various features found in TubeBuddy, which include suggested tag tools, explorer tags, comparing attractive thumbnails, animated GIF generators, special short links for click tracking, export and backup, sharing to Facebook and others.

You can get this tool by subscribing to USD 9 – USD 49 per month, but it is also available in a free version.

5. Serpstat

These are YouTube SEO tools from Switzerland. Its function is almost the same as Google Trend to check keyword volume but, more than that, this tool is somewhat more complete.

Serpstat provides a variety of features ranging from backlink analysis, keyword research, auditing one’s own site, analyzing competitors, and track rank.

By using this tool, you can find keywords that are relevant to your YouTube video content and make it possible to find potential niche keywords.

It’s not officially explained whether YouTube’s SEO tools are paid or not, but it seems you need to register yourself first.

In addition to knowing the variety of YouTube SEO tools above, as a YouTuber, you are also important to pay attention to interesting video content both in terms of editing to the concept.

The more interesting your video is, of course, your YouTube channel will be watched and liked by subscribers more. Happy working!

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