Do you like downloading videos from the YouTube website? Until now, the number of YouTube accessors is still increasing, and not even a few people become a YouTuber to earn income. It’s the most fun to be able to download different videos from YouTube, but let’s review it from the download technique.

There are various ways to start from opening a website specifically for downloading videos or using Android software called TubeMate. The unique function of TubeMate can provide the best convenience for Android users who want to download videos from YouTube. It is not only able to download videos from Android devices, and there are still many advantages you can get from the TubeMate software which can download more than one file simultaneously.

Being able to choose the video resolution that will be downloaded, has a resume feature that can even convert videos to MP3 format, sharing videos via e-mail, Google Buzz, until Twitter, can make playlist arrangements on YouTube, to do YouTube Search and suggestions. Of course, the excellent features of TubeMate can spoil users of Android phones who want to download high or small resolution videos.

If we have downloaded YouTube videos from a browser on a computer PC or laptop, of course, you will see a selection of resolution options that you can choose. But sometimes the Android version gets a lot of problems, one of them is the option about video resolution does not appear.

As you know the option of video resolution is very important because we can choose the file size until the sharpness of the image in a video. But the cause of software malfunction or the incompatibility of the operating system of the TubeMate software is due to the lack of video resolution options that appear.

From this problem, it has become a conversation for Android users because they want the best software to download videos from YouTube. There are practical ways to revive the choice of video resolution, but there are many urgent things that result in the option of video resolution not present such as the quality of the internet network is not smooth, the phone specifications do not support, then the software also does not update.

The problem with TubeMate is that there is no resolution option on Android | the coping technique is still not a little discussed. Therefore you can do the following technique.

You can download the OG YouTube Downloader software which is still not used up to now to download videos from the YouTube website. However, it should be remembered that OG YouTube Downloader is a modified native YouTube software that is not infrequently compatible with all smartphone versions. Read at least the specifications of the cellphone that can use the OG YouTube Downloader software.

We know that on an internet connection to download YouTube videos requires a VPN or proxy, therefore you can use TubeMate software with a choice of visible resolution with the technique of using a private connection so that it is not detected as an Android machine so that the YouTube website will deliver comprehensive data for PC equipment computers are not equipped for Android smartphones.

Indeed the TubeMate issue has no resolution options on Android | the technique of overcoming it became a warm conversation because there are still not a few who don’t quite understand the tips or solutions.

The average Android user will delete the software and then put it home as an attempt to create a video resolution selection feature on TubeMate. But the technique does not often run fluently for all Android phones. So you can choose the best and easiest ways to download videos on YouTube faster and easier.