Do you have a YouTube channel? How do you get 1,000 YouTube viewers a day? You surely know that getting lots of YouTube viewers in a short amount of time is not easy. Even so, slowly, you will definitely have a YouTube channel viewer that is increasing every day, as long as you always maintain consistency on schedule and continue to work to improve the quality of YouTube content that you upload. Through this article, we will review some tips that can help you increase your YouTube channel viewer.

Consistently Improving Your YouTube Content

Consistent is the most important key in everything. Including making the YouTube channel that you manage successfully. To realize this, you need to maintain your consistency in 3 aspects.

First, make sure you create video and audio quality vlogs that make your YouTube viewer comfortable watching your work. In addition, a good resolution also needs to be taken into consideration so that the vlog that you create can be seen, either by using a mobile screen or through a large-screen TV.

Second, pay attention to the content that you will carry and how it can create bonds with your YouTube channel viewer. One of them is by providing a comment room or asking questions or even requests that make them feel close to you. Also, pay attention to the criticism that comes in order to enhance your abilities further. A good two-way conversation is always needed in order to establish a good connection with the readers, or users.


Third, create a consistent video upload schedule. And try to upload videos on your YouTube channel according to the schedule you have set and let your YouTube channel viewers know about the schedule, so they know when you will upload a new video or vlog.

Create an Interesting Title

The title is the first thing that will be seen from your vlog. Therefore, making an interesting vlog title can increase the number of viewers of your YouTube channel. Even so, don’t forget to make a title that stays in touch with the vlog content that you created.

Focus on Building a Community

Furthermore, do not consider the vlogs that you created as fanservice that you provide to fans. However, think of the vlog as building relationships between you and your YouTube viewer. Every vlog you create can begin with questions or conversations that can build a community around your YouTube channel.

You can also connect with your YouTube viewer by responding to existing comments or throwing in a question that they can answer in the comments column.

Another way is to take advantage of other social media that you have such as Instagram, Google+, Facebook page, and others. Don’t be afraid to interact with other vloggers or people who share your interests. Because that way, your network will gradually broaden. In addition, in the long run, they can also help promote your YouTube channel.

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other YouTubers. If you have a YouTube Channel that talks a lot about how to take care of a bicycle, and there are other YouTubers who have a channel that talks about how to form a body, you can collaborate with them or promote each other’s YouTube accounts.

Collaboration is one of the most effective ways to get more YouTube viewers. By collaborating, both you and your collaboration partner will both benefit.

Start Blogging

You can also increase your YouTube viewer number by creating a blog that synergizes with your vlog. That way, you can load more keywords so that your blog can be more easily found, and you can direct your blog visitors to the YouTube channel that you manage.