In the midst of the popularity of YouTube as a platform that is widely used by social media users today, it is important for a YouTuber to know the variety of YouTube SEO tools available.

This is done to optimize the performance of video content in order to occupy a high position on YouTube search pages and browsers.

Therefore, if you don’t know any of these tools, you should be familiar with YouTube’s various SEO tools that can improve the performance of your video below.

1. Google Trend

Before creating YouTube content, you should research first in relation to trending topics that are being sought after. You can use Google Trend tools to find out.

In addition to knowing the topics that are being discussed a lot, Google Trend also helps you compare one topic to another so that they can give you an idea of ​​which topics are better.

To use it, you only need to type the topic you want to search, specify YouTube search, and narrow the search in the area and time column. You can use this Youtube SEO tool for free.

2. VidlQ

Next, Youtube SEO tools, you can get them through Chrome extension applications like VidiQ. VidlQ is useful for increasing the ranking of videos on YouTube, as well as learning how to optimize the videos.

Through this Youtube SEO tool, you will find out the level of audience engagement, hourly views, display duration, and even tell you how likely your video is to enter the suggested video search section.

Unfortunately, to use this sophisticated tool, you need to pay packages starting from USD 7.50 per month (Pro) and USD 30 per month (Boost).

3. YouTube Analytics

If Google has Google Analytics, YouTube also has analytic tools called YouTube Analytics. This tool is very effective in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your YouTube channel.

youtube analytics

Through this tool, you can find out how many new audiences are coming and how many old audiences are returning to your channel, the average viewing duration, the most-watched videos, the number of subscribers, the number of views, how many audiences are sharing the video and others -other.

The important thing you need to know is that the longer the duration of viewing on your channel, the better it is on YouTube Analytics. Don’t hesitate to use it because this tool is available free on YouTube.

4. TubeBuddy

Almost the same as VidlQ tools, you can also install TubeBuddy via the Chrome extension. TubeBuddy can be used to check Video SEO and data, and research needs to be done.

There are various features found in TubeBuddy, which include suggested tag tools, explorer tags, comparing attractive thumbnails, animated GIF generators, special short links for click tracking, export and backup, sharing to Facebook and others.

You can get this tool by subscribing to USD 9 – USD 49 per month, but it is also available in a free version.

5. Serpstat

These are YouTube SEO tools from Switzerland. Its function is almost the same as Google Trend to check keyword volume but, more than that, this tool is somewhat more complete.

Serpstat provides a variety of features ranging from backlink analysis, keyword research, auditing one’s own site, analyzing competitors, and track rank.

By using this tool, you can find keywords that are relevant to your YouTube video content and make it possible to find potential niche keywords.

It’s not officially explained whether YouTube’s SEO tools are paid or not, but it seems you need to register yourself first.

In addition to knowing the variety of YouTube SEO tools above, as a YouTuber, you are also important to pay attention to interesting video content both in terms of editing to the concept.

The more interesting your video is, of course, your YouTube channel will be watched and liked by subscribers more. Happy working!