YouTube is a very large platform in the world for video publishing. With billions of more hours of streaming shows each day, there are not a few videos there than you can watch in a lifetime. Unfortunately, YouTube is usually disappointing. Even though it has a relatively large book, not all videos are available anytime and anywhere.

If you try to open a YouTube video and find that the video is not available, there could be not a few reasons. It could be because of restrictions in your country, structuring our office network, or perhaps just a technical obstacle.

Whatever the reason, there are not a few ways to overcome this problem. We stated 6 contradictory techniques for unblocking YouTube as follows.

  • Use VPN

This is probably the most reliable technique for unblocking YouTube, whether we are in a country that does not allow YouTube or in an office that closes YouTube. Although there are many VPNs on the market (and some of them are free), not all are adequate. If you dig a VPN to unblock YouTube, you must listen to the following qualities:

  1. Unblock our YouTube videos from all worlds.
  2. Identify and encrypt your visit. This will prevent us from monitoring the government and corporations.
  3. Offers high-speed connections that allow us to stream weighty YouTube videos | weighted | high quality without lag.
  4. Offers high-speed connections that will enable you to stream YouTube HD videos without any lag.
  • Add S to your HTTP connection

This is a simple copy and is usually successful if you want to access YouTube from a school or university. Most school networks close social media websites by manually entering their URLs into web surveillance programs, which allow schools to close private addresses and website groups.

Usually, a school or university network technician will register websites using “HTTP: //” when entering URLs in a blocked arrangement. To bypass blocked sites, you can use “https: //” rather than “HTTP: //.” If our school network admin manually enters website URLs, there’s a good chance you can unblock YouTube with this hack.

Note: this does not apply in countries that do not allow YouTube, only in certain networks.

  • Use a Proxy Website to Unblock YouTube

Search online, and we will pursue many YouTube proxy sites. These websites will help you open restricted YouTube videos.

A proxy is a private server, and if you are connected to a proxy, your visit will be through this server. This changes your place, which can be useful if we are in a school building or government. Only by changing the proxy, you can connect to a nearby server that has no restrictions.

However, the proxy does not encrypt your visit. So if you watch YouTube on the school network, the network admin can monitor your activities and close the proxy.

It is not merely the admin of the school network that can watch your activities. If we access YouTube from home, our ISP will be able to monitor all your activities.

Why is this important?

Data collection is a profitable business, and companies that collect this data will use it to create advertisements targeted at you. Also, these proxies may have hidden spyware and can share even less data that you don’t want to disclose.

  • Use the Add-Ounce Browser to Watch YouTube

If you don’t want to install a proxy, you can use certain browser add-ons to unblock YouTube. There are many options, like Ultrasurf and ProxTube.

Ultrasurf allows you through geographical boundaries, and you can access not only YouTube but also other limited sites. This raises encrypted channels on one of our devices and between the proxy servers. This allows users to pass sensors and firewalls.

ProxTube is only available in Firefox. If we use Chrome, you can use Pro flow. This plugin has a USA proxy server that helps you unblock YouTube videos. The good news is that the YouTube website will upload using a proxy server, but the video will be downloaded without a proxy server to the point where the speed is maximum.

There are many different browser plugins, and you can visit the app store browser and choose the appropriate add-on from there.

  • Use your Mobile Hotspot

If YouTube is closed on university or school WiFi, you can connect your laptop with a mobile hotspot. Hotspots can be made from iOS / Android / Windows phones. Here’s how:
1. Visit network setup and turn on your mobile hotspot
2. Edit the name and password to enter the correct user name and password
3. Connect our laptop to this new Wi-Fi network

If we have a cable, you can also use USB tethering to connect to your mobile internet.

This will give us access to all blocked websites belonging to YouTube. However, this business will drain our mobile data and can be very expensive. Note that this trick will not be successful in a country that entirely blocks YouTube; this can only be successful on the local network in your school or office.

  • Download YouTube Videos Without Opening the Site

Many websites help you download videos from YouTube. You can use the website to watch videos offline. Here’s how.

Suppose you are using school Wi-Fi and you want to watch certain movie trailers. Instead of going to YouTube (where we can’t enter), use Google to look for it.

Search results will indicate the YouTube URL of the video. Copy the URL and paste/paste it into the YouTube download website. Paste the URL in the space provided on the site, and we will be able to download the video. You can watch it offline. With this technique, we not only can bypass YouTube restrictions but also can save videos to watch later.


If we can’t watch YouTube videos, you can try between the methods submitted above. But it should be remembered that if the ban was carried out by your country, only VPN could help you get through it. VPN also worked for unblocking gambling sites, some of the gambling sites got blocked because they violating some of the terms arranged by the government. Forget about the blocked sites, you can always find some trusted and professional sites, without using any VPN apps. There is a lot of free VPN software that you can use instead of buying one. We will try to make a list of some freebies to good price VPN in our next article.

For local location bans carried out by schools or offices, other methods can be successful. For a network to make strict restrictions, the admin must have enough money. That is why the prohibition/restriction by the state (which is carried out by the government) is far more difficult to go through than what is done by the school.

VPN will help you through all types of restrictions – those carried out by the state or by the local network. Make sure you find a good VPN, and you can watch all YouTube videos without problems.