YouTube is considered a basic necessity for some people today. Through YouTube, we can watch music videos from favorite musicians, see delicious culinary reviews, watch DIY tutorials and so on. So addictive, maybe our internet quota is sucked up in watching YouTube.

1. Shortcut behind the keyboard button

Maybe, some of us already know this feature. Yep, the keyboard button on a laptop or computer is a shortcut for some YouTube features. This feature is useful and can be applied when we watch videos on YouTube. Example:

Space bar to play and pause the video
Right and left arrow keys to fast forward and rewind the video for 5 seconds
Up and down arrow keys to increase and decrease video volume
Button 0 to repeat the video from the beginning

youtube features

2. Store videos offline on a smartphone

As we know, watching YouTube can use up a lot of internet quota. Therefore, when in a place that has WiFi, some of us choose to save offline videos from YouTube as much as possible. How to?

It’s very easy! First, open the YouTube application on a smartphone. Then, select the video to download and click the three vertical dots on the right. Select ‘Download’ and the video will be downloaded automatically. The results of this download will still be available on the device and will not be lost. YouTube will check your internet connection once every 29 days.

3. Add subtitles and translations to the video

Sometimes, we need text to understand what someone is saying on YouTube. Moreover, if spoken by strangers who we do not understand the language. To facilitate understanding, you can animate the text on the video. You can find it in the ‘Subtitles / CC’ option in the lower right corner.

If you have trouble understanding the language spoken, you can turn on a translation supported by Google Translate. Unfortunately, this option is not available for all videos on YouTube. You can change the language according to the language you know. You can also change the type, size and color of the translated text, you know!

4. Play videos at specific times

Imagine if you were watching a 50 minute video and found an interesting part at 38:17. You want your close friends to know so you can laugh together. What would you do? Ask them to play videos in the duration of 38 minutes 17 seconds?

There is an easier way, which is to add the number of minutes and seconds behind the link you are about to share, explains the CNet page. Add & t = 38m17s behind the URL, then copy this link to your friends or people you want to show .. This number can be changed according to your wishes. With this, we can share interesting parts in the video easily and practically.

5. Download 500 songs on YouTube Music

Now, YouTube Music is being vigorously echoed and become the main competitor of Spotify. Interestingly, YouTube Music has a Smart Downloads feature that can download 500 songs automatically. So you can listen to them offline or without an internet connection, said the Verge page.

100 of these songs come from songs we often listen to. In addition, the download process is done at night and when our smartphone is connected to WiFi. Thus, this process will not interfere with and consume our internet quota. With this feature, will you switch to YouTube Music?

6. Use Dark Mode so that the eyes do not hurt

Not only Instagram and Twitter, YouTube also has a dark mode feature. This feature is useful so that we are more comfortable in viewing the screen and not cause eye pain. To activate it, update your browser to the latest version, Google Chrome 57. Then, open, then press Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows.

For iMac users, press Option + Command + I together. Then, open the Applications tab or click the double arrow in the upper right, suggesting the BGR Media page. Right-click on the line that says VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE and delete. After that, open the console tab and paste this: document.cookie = “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE”. Press enter then refresh the page. Then, your YouTube layout and appearance will change!

7. Connect YouTube with Smart TV

You can watch videos on YouTube with your friends or family. This can be done by connecting YouTube with Smart TV. How to? First, go to and log in through the Google account that you have. Then, verify account information with the code on the screen, suggested the CNet page.

You can also connect by clicking the “Play on TV” option in the bottom right of the video. Then the Smart TV notification pop-up will appear at the top right. If the device says “Available” then you can directly connect it. Don’t forget to choose the HD format so we can get the best viewing experience.