To use the Upload Video feature on YouTube requires a Google Email account (Gmail), so now please create a Gmail account first for those of you who don’t have it yet. If there is already a Gmail account, please continue reading this article.

First, please visit the YouTube website by typing the URL in the browser then clicking the Login / Login button at the top right of the screen. Then you will be shown to the login page, and please enter the Gmail + password that you want to use as a YouTube account.

After a successful login, it will be shown back to the YouTube website but with a login position (see the difference in the right upper part of the screen that has the Login button back home to be your Google account profile photo).

If you enter from the smartphone software, a popup screen will appear for the Gmail login.

In this paper there are two ways that I will explain, namely uploading videos from desktop/laptop/ smartphone (browser) and how to use the software installed on a smartphone, either Android, iOS or others.

Desktop / Browser

Please click on the upload icon (arrow pointing up) which is found beside the portrait of Google account profile & notification icon (bell), it will be shown to the upload/upload page. In the middle element of this screen, there is a picture of the up arrow and a drop-down menu that states the status of the video to be uploaded, before starting to upload the video, please specify the position of the video that will be uploaded in the drop-down menu. There are many options in the drop-down menu, namely:

  • Public
    This is the default choice if you don’t set video position options in this drop-down menu; in other words, anyone can watch your videos that have been successfully uploaded to YouTube.
  • Not Public
    This means that your videos will not be present on search and your Channel page, viewers can watch your videos with the criteria that viewers must understand the video URL. You can channel URLs to friends on different social media or email to be clicked by friends and can start watching the video. So, this video is still public but to watch it must go directly to the video URL.
  • Personal
    With this position, your videos will have private properties and cannot be present anywhere. Your videos can be watched by different people with criteria you must invite someone who has a YouTube Channel to watch the video (maximum username/user invited is 50). If an account is not invited directly by you (the video owner) then he will not be able to watch the video.

If you don’t have/created a YouTube channel, then you will be notified that you need a YouTube channel to upload videos and be given instructions. Please follow the steps (making it easy, pretty click ok and ok to agree that your Google account is available as a YouTube channel).

After assessing the position of the video in the drop-down menu, please click on the image of the up arrow in the middle of this screen to start uploading the video or you can drag the video that will be uploaded to the center of this screen. Please select the video you want to upload. After that, you will be shown the experience of the upload process.

On this upload process page, many columns need to be fulfilled such as video exposure, video tags, video titles and after general videos. Please arrange everything carefully according to your desires. After the process has passed and the video details have been input, please click the button

Publish next to the progress bar. Then your video is ready to be watched! To undo upload while in progress, please click the cross icon (x) on the right end of the inner element progress bar.

When the close / close icon is clicked a small popup will appear asking “Do you want to undo this upload?” Please click the Cancel Upload button to confirm that you will indeed undo the upload of this video. If canceled, all progress on the page will be lost and show the writing/info that the upload of the video has been aborted. But if you successfully publish the video, you will be shown to the upload page, passed with the video URL you can click/share to other social media. Click on the link to check/watch it. You can often watch videos that you upload on your YouTube account’s channel/dashboard page.

To point to your channel page, please click the My Channel menu on the left sidebar menu. If there is no sidebar menu on the left, please click the menu icon button (line 4) at the left end of the screen. On channel pages, you can always watch everything on your channel belong to the uploaded videos.

Smartphone application

After a successful login, please click on the video icon floating on the screen of the cell below the right element, it will be shown to the video gallery to select the video to be uploaded. In the top element, there is a camera screen and a video icon which, if clicked, will create a new video recording. Please specify if you want a new video or video that was already in the gallery.

After being selected/clicked, it will be shown to the original settings page, which uses to adjust the length/duration of the video whether to upload the bulk of the video or just a few seconds or minutes? To set it can be shifted in the video timeline to the right or left to match the needs.

After passing, please click on the arrow icon on the right top of the screen, which means proceed to the next page. On this page, the video upload process will begin and enter the Title, Description, Video Tag. Please open everything and wait for the process to complete.

After the upload process is complete, please click on the arrow/arrow icon above the right of the screen, in other words, continue. Then it will be shown to your video channel arrangement page + the new video. Done!

But uploading to software is not as complete as on a browser/desktop. So if you want more details on the video, please upload it on your desktop/browser.

The smartphone application that I demonstrated is an application on the Android OS, and maybe in the other OS, there are not many differences but not so significant. Just follow the tutorial like this.

Both on the desktop/smartphone software both are the same if after the upload can be edited by clicking on the menu on the video and select edit which will write all the details of the video that can be edited as title, description, tags and more.