Now almost everyone wants to become a YouTuber in droves because they see some of the first successful YouTubers with extraordinary incomes. But there are still many who do not know about the origin of the YouTuber’s income. To find out, there are several sources of income and how to calculate income from Youtube.

However, to get this income, a content creator is required to create interesting content and upload it regularly to attract many subscribers.

Then to monetize Youtube videos, you must meet several conditions, such as the YouTube channel you own has gotten 4 thousand views in the last 12 months and has at least 1,000 subscribers.

Apart from the number of clicks and views on the ads that appear, there are several other sources of income from YouTubers such as YouTube Ads, Affiliate Marketing, selling products and services, and endorsements.


Youtuber’s income is obtained directly from YouTube according to its policies. The indicator that is generally used to calculate youtube revenue is Revenue per Impression (RPM).

This RPM is the money or profit that will be obtained from every 1,000 ad views on all videos on the Youtube channel.

For the RPM obtained in Indonesia, the money (RPM) per thousand ad impressions is approximately Rp. 7,000, while abroad it is 1 dollar/Rp. 15,000. RPM itself is also determined by several factors, such as traffic quality, country of origin of the account owner, video category, ad serving price, adblock, number of clicks and others. This is what makes the RPM or profit generated by each youtuber is different.

To calculate it, just assume our video channel has been watched by 5,000 users. So it shows that there are approximately 550 people who see the ad to completion. Then the calculation can be done based on the RPM in Indonesia which is Rp. 7,000 per thousand viewers.

Now we have found some components to calculate it. Before looking for the results that a youtuber will get, we must first calculate the nominal charged to advertisers. Because pure YouTuber income from YouTube is calculated based on a profit-sharing system with a percentage of 55 percent multiplied by the advertiser’s fee burden.

So to get the advertiser’s tariff burden, that is by multiplying the number of RPM by the number of viewers, which is Rp.

This number will be multiplied again by 55% of the profit sharing. Where IDR 3,850,000 x 55% profit sharing earns IDR 2,117,500. This last number will be given by YouTube to the owner of the Youtube account or YouTuber.

In addition to the calculations above, a youtuber can also earn income from cost per click (CPC). The amount transferred to the account is approximately IDR 5,000-12,000 per click. If in 1,000 ad impressions you get three clicks, it means the fee is only 0.3 percent.

AdSense is an advertising network product from Google whose profits are determined by many factors. The point is that a YouTuber still has to get as many subscribers as possible.