Since 2010, YouTube has always closed the year by showing YouTube Rewind compilation videos. But for this year the YouTube Rewind video will be discontinued.

Rewind videos uploaded annually highlight the biggest moments, creators and trends on YouTube over the past year. However, because 2020 is a different year than previous years, YouTube doesn’t feel like it’s suitable to launch a Rewind video this year.

We know that many of the good things that happened in 2020 were created by all of you,” YouTube wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

“You find ways to please other people, help them survive, and make them laugh. You make a difficult year so much better.”

2020 is supposed to be the 10th year the Google subsidiary launched its Rewind video. But this year is actually the first year that YouTube Rewind has been absent since it was first broadcast 10 years ago.


Netizens on Twitter had different reactions to YouTube’s announcement that it was canceling this year’s Rewind. Some think this is the right decision, others say this should be a moment for YouTube to highlight the positive things that happened in 2020.

YouTube Rewind videos filled with top celebrities and YouTubers are usually watched hundreds of millions of times every year. Despite being watched a lot, many other users found this video a little disappointing.

For example, the YouTube Rewind 2018 video, starring dozens of YouTubers and celebrities, from Gen Lightning to Will Smith. Although it has been watched more than 200 million times, this video is also the most disliked video on YouTube with 18 million dislikes.

It is not yet known whether YouTube will bring Rewind videos back in 2021.