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If you have just got a new PC and if you are looking for some stunning apps to get started, Tubemate is the place you should visit.

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Tubemate is extremely safe, and you can download a variety of apps for your PC.

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The App is free, and it has everything your PC needs.

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Tubemate is designed exclusively for your PC, and it is the right tool for downloading videos.

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You will have the ability to visit various websites and download any video you want.


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The app can be considered a browser than an application as you will be able to access a lot of websites directly and download videos.

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I have had a brilliant experience with Tubemate, it is extremely easy to use, and I was able to download a lot of videos.

Myra S. Bold

I have always had a problem with downloading the videos I like, and Tubemate has made it extremely easy.

Megan S. Cortez

Tubemate is one of the best things you need to check out if you have a PC. It is a great app, and a must have for everyone.

Lawrence J. Ferri

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7 YouTube Hidden Features that Not Many People Know

YouTube is considered a basic necessity for some people today. Through YouTube, we can watch music videos from favorite musicians, see delicious culinary reviews, watch DIY tutorials and so on. So addictive, maybe our internet quota is sucked up in watching YouTube.

1. Shortcut behind the keyboard button

Maybe, some of us already know this feature. Yep, the keyboard button on a laptop or computer is a shortcut for some YouTube features. This feature is useful and can be applied when we watch videos on YouTube. Example:

Space bar to play and pause the video
Right and left arrow keys to fast forward and rewind the video for 5 seconds
Up and down arrow keys to increase and decrease video volume
Button 0 to repeat the video from the beginning

youtube features

2. Store videos offline on a smartphone

As we know, watching YouTube can use up a lot of internet quota. Therefore, when in a place that has WiFi, some of us choose to save offline videos from YouTube as much as possible. How to?

It’s very easy! First, open the YouTube application on a smartphone. Then, select the video to download and click the three vertical dots on the right. Select ‘Download’ and the video will be downloaded automatically. The results of this download will still be available on the device and will not be lost. YouTube will check your internet connection once every 29 days.

3. Add subtitles and translations to the video

Sometimes, we need text to understand what someone is saying on YouTube. Moreover, if spoken by strangers who we do not understand the language. To facilitate understanding, you can animate the text on the video. You can find it in the ‘Subtitles / CC’ option in the lower right corner.

If you have trouble understanding the language spoken, you can turn on a translation supported by Google Translate. Unfortunately, this option is not available for all videos on YouTube. You can change the language according to the language you know. You can also change the type, size and color of the translated text, you know!

4. Play videos at specific times

Imagine if you were watching a 50 minute video and found an interesting part at 38:17. You want your close friends to know so you can laugh together. What would you do? Ask them to play videos in the duration of 38 minutes 17 seconds?

There is an easier way, which is to add the number of minutes and seconds behind the link you are about to share, explains the CNet page. Add & t = 38m17s behind the URL, then copy this link to your friends or people you want to show .. This number can be changed according to your wishes. With this, we can share interesting parts in the video easily and practically.

5. Download 500 songs on YouTube Music

Now, YouTube Music is being vigorously echoed and become the main competitor of Spotify. Interestingly, YouTube Music has a Smart Downloads feature that can download 500 songs automatically. So you can listen to them offline or without an internet connection, said the Verge page.

100 of these songs come from songs we often listen to. In addition, the download process is done at night and when our smartphone is connected to WiFi. Thus, this process will not interfere with and consume our internet quota. With this feature, will you switch to YouTube Music?

6. Use Dark Mode so that the eyes do not hurt

Not only Instagram and Twitter, YouTube also has a dark mode feature. This feature is useful so that we are more comfortable in viewing the screen and not cause eye pain. To activate it, update your browser to the latest version, Google Chrome 57. Then, open, then press Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows.

For iMac users, press Option + Command + I together. Then, open the Applications tab or click the double arrow in the upper right, suggesting the BGR Media page. Right-click on the line that says VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE and delete. After that, open the console tab and paste this: document.cookie = “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE”. Press enter then refresh the page. Then, your YouTube layout and appearance will change!

7. Connect YouTube with Smart TV

You can watch videos on YouTube with your friends or family. This can be done by connecting YouTube with Smart TV. How to? First, go to and log in through the Google account that you have. Then, verify account information with the code on the screen, suggested the CNet page.

You can also connect by clicking the “Play on TV” option in the bottom right of the video. Then the Smart TV notification pop-up will appear at the top right. If the device says “Available” then you can directly connect it. Don’t forget to choose the HD format so we can get the best viewing experience.

6 Easy Ways to Unblock YouTube and Watch Everything

YouTube is a very large platform in the world for video publishing. With billions of more hours of streaming shows each day, there are not a few videos there than you can watch in a lifetime. Unfortunately, YouTube is usually disappointing. Even though it has a relatively large book, not all videos are available anytime and anywhere.

If you try to open a YouTube video and find that the video is not available, there could be not a few reasons. It could be because of restrictions in your country, structuring our office network, or perhaps just a technical obstacle.

Whatever the reason, there are not a few ways to overcome this problem. We stated 6 contradictory techniques for unblocking YouTube as follows.

  • Use VPN

This is probably the most reliable technique for unblocking YouTube, whether we are in a country that does not allow YouTube or in an office that closes YouTube. Although there are many VPNs on the market (and some of them are free), not all are adequate. If you dig a VPN to unblock YouTube, you must listen to the following qualities:

  1. Unblock our YouTube videos from all worlds.
  2. Identify and encrypt your visit. This will prevent us from monitoring the government and corporations.
  3. Offers high-speed connections that allow us to stream weighty YouTube videos | weighted | high quality without lag.
  4. Offers high-speed connections that will enable you to stream YouTube HD videos without any lag.
  • Add S to your HTTP connection

This is a simple copy and is usually successful if you want to access YouTube from a school or university. Most school networks close social media websites by manually entering their URLs into web surveillance programs, which allow schools to close private addresses and website groups.

Usually, a school or university network technician will register websites using “HTTP: //” when entering URLs in a blocked arrangement. To bypass blocked sites, you can use “https: //” rather than “HTTP: //.” If our school network admin manually enters website URLs, there’s a good chance you can unblock YouTube with this hack.

Note: this does not apply in countries that do not allow YouTube, only in certain networks.

  • Use a Proxy Website to Unblock YouTube

Search online, and we will pursue many YouTube proxy sites. These websites will help you open restricted YouTube videos.

A proxy is a private server, and if you are connected to a proxy, your visit will be through this server. This changes your place, which can be useful if we are in a school building or government. Only by changing the proxy, you can connect to a nearby server that has no restrictions.

However, the proxy does not encrypt your visit. So if you watch YouTube on the school network, the network admin can monitor your activities and close the proxy.

It is not merely the admin of the school network that can watch your activities. If we access YouTube from home, our ISP will be able to monitor all your activities.

Why is this important?

Data collection is a profitable business, and companies that collect this data will use it to create advertisements targeted at you. Also, these proxies may have hidden spyware and can share even less data that you don’t want to disclose.

  • Use the Add-Ounce Browser to Watch YouTube

If you don’t want to install a proxy, you can use certain browser add-ons to unblock YouTube. There are many options, like Ultrasurf and ProxTube.

Ultrasurf allows you through geographical boundaries, and you can access not only YouTube but also other limited sites. This raises encrypted channels on one of our devices and between the proxy servers. This allows users to pass sensors and firewalls.

ProxTube is only available in Firefox. If we use Chrome, you can use Pro flow. This plugin has a USA proxy server that helps you unblock YouTube videos. The good news is that the YouTube website will upload using a proxy server, but the video will be downloaded without a proxy server to the point where the speed is maximum.

There are many different browser plugins, and you can visit the app store browser and choose the appropriate add-on from there.

  • Use your Mobile Hotspot

If YouTube is closed on university or school WiFi, you can connect your laptop with a mobile hotspot. Hotspots can be made from iOS / Android / Windows phones. Here’s how:
1. Visit network setup and turn on your mobile hotspot
2. Edit the name and password to enter the correct user name and password
3. Connect our laptop to this new Wi-Fi network

If we have a cable, you can also use USB tethering to connect to your mobile internet.

This will give us access to all blocked websites belonging to YouTube. However, this business will drain our mobile data and can be very expensive. Note that this trick will not be successful in a country that entirely blocks YouTube; this can only be successful on the local network in your school or office.

  • Download YouTube Videos Without Opening the Site

Many websites help you download videos from YouTube. You can use the website to watch videos offline. Here’s how.

Suppose you are using school Wi-Fi and you want to watch certain movie trailers. Instead of going to YouTube (where we can’t enter), use Google to look for it.

Search results will indicate the YouTube URL of the video. Copy the URL and paste/paste it into the YouTube download website. Paste the URL in the space provided on the site, and we will be able to download the video. You can watch it offline. With this technique, we not only can bypass YouTube restrictions but also can save videos to watch later.


If we can’t watch YouTube videos, you can try between the methods submitted above. But it should be remembered that if the ban was carried out by your country, only VPN could help you get through it. VPN also worked for unblocking gambling sites, some of the gambling sites got blocked because they violating some of the terms arranged by the government. Forget about the blocked sites, you can always find some trusted and professional sites, without using any VPN apps. There is a lot of free VPN software that you can use instead of buying one. We will try to make a list of some freebies to good price VPN in our next article.

For local location bans carried out by schools or offices, other methods can be successful. For a network to make strict restrictions, the admin must have enough money. That is why the prohibition/restriction by the state (which is carried out by the government) is far more difficult to go through than what is done by the school.

VPN will help you through all types of restrictions – those carried out by the state or by the local network. Make sure you find a good VPN, and you can watch all YouTube videos without problems.

YouTube Video Ideas You Must Try!

Starting a YouTube account can be a new thing that you started in 2019. Because of the increasingly prevalent content in the form of videos and the fact that the format of the content is on this one, we can slowly build a YouTube channel that will eventually develop.

In your development, when compiling YouTube video content plans, surely you will have an interest that you will lift later. For example, beauty, traveling, lifestyle, toys, games, and others. Well, this time, what you will discuss is video ideas that you can explore to create variations of video content on your YouTube account, which can be unique to the audience’s attention. Here are 15 choices of video ideas that you can do when starting a YouTube account.

  • Tutorial

The next is the tutorial video. Starting from the technique of making makeup looks, assembling Gundam, playing games, or anything that has specific stages and you have mastered it can be an interesting video tutorial content! Don’t forget to give a specific title, so that through the YouTube search engine, your video can be read and witnessed by people who need help about a stage!

  • Channel Intro

Many view intro videos as not very urgent to be created into the content on a private YouTube channel. But actually, the intro video is handy to introduce the channel that you will build later briefly. You can place it on the HOME element of your YouTube account.

  • Introduction Video

To create an audience or subscriber to know you more in-depth, then, make an introductory video that can make all the viewers feel close to you. This introductory video is a continuation and a longer version of the previous video intro channel. In this video, you can freely talk and compile content about everything that you will make in your videos in the future specifically.

  • Vlog

Vlogs or Video Blogs that have become popular since many years later have always been successful in attracting not a few viewers. Moreover, if you make it with good editing and exciting final visual results to watch. Vlogs are also often filled with spontaneous content that usually occurs in your life, or when you are undergoing a special event. While capturing it, while channeling his happiness to the audience!

  • Challenge video

There are hundreds or even more types of video challenges that you can do. To find inspiration, you can immediately explore a video that challenges you and is close to your interests. Currently, videos like Mukbang, Makeup under 100k, or even try not to laugh; this easy to implement challenge video is not often the right choice for rising YouTubers. Joining the bandwagon is never bad!

  • Webinar / Presentation

Education is a video content that is not easy to do, perhaps because you need a material that you must prepare carefully first. For that, the Webinar or Web Seminar video format cannot be done spontaneously. However, if properly prepared, the value offered to the audience will be great!

  • Review

A video review or video that reviews something is interesting and is not often sought after. This time, you can converge on your interests because later on, viewers who watch your videos can have the same interests as you. For example, as a beauty enthusiast, you can review many makeup products that are skyrocketing or even understated makeup to share inspiration and knowledge about the product in detail.

  • Video Tour

This video can be explored widely. Through the video tour format, among videos that are not infrequently trendy on YouTube, this can bring all viewers even closer to your life. Various kinds of video tours have been carried out by famous YouTubers like houses/apartment tours, working space tours, and room tours.

  • Haul and Collection Video

In the interests you have chosen, you have certainly begun to collect many things that are your collection. Well, in this video, you can explain and indicate to all the audience about the collection or merchandise collection that you just bought. You can combine this video with unboxing to share the excitement to overhaul the packaging with your subscribers and viewers!

  • Reaction Video

All viewers on YouTube not least like the reaction video because of its strong relevance. Reaction videos are often made for you to react directly (recording yourself) when watching a different video on YouTube. So, in this video, you should respond to different videos contained and record any spontaneous reactions that occur.

  • A day in the life

As the name suggests, this video will review your daily life with techniques to record all the work you experience from the beginning to the end. A kind of your reality show, you will invite viewers to go through the days you usually pass and feel close to the activities that you do.

  • Parody videos

Well, the last is a parody video. If you are interested in creating a response from a video, another option besides creating a reaction video is to do a parody video. By tucking in not a few jokes in this video, you can create and make it through your version. The preparation is indeed quite complicated, but, on YouTube, nothing is impossible! With a low budget and high creativity, you can make it!

  • Draw My Life

This form of the video had boomed many years later, and until now it is still not a little in demand. For this one video, you are challenged to be creative by telling the story of your life from childhood through the pictures you made. Not needing to be good at drawing, many YouTubers have even succeeded in making this video with minimal images, but success has attracted very few views.

  • DIY / Hacks

Talk about creativity, videos like Do It Yourself (DIY) and Hacks that have a lot of interest. Moreover, if you associate it with your skills that not a few people want to know. Through this video, you can educate your subscribers and audiences too! Of course, by offering exceptional value, videos like this are always not a little-watched!

  • Q & A

To interact more with subscribers or your loyal viewers, you can combine engagement from two (or more) social media in creating this Question and Answer video. So, the step you need to do is throw a question on other social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for all of your followers on that platform. Only after that, you can answer everything through a video Q & A! Do not have time to pin the name of the person asking, because they will certainly appreciate it more.

Well, if you have successfully built a YouTube account, work consistently in it, and have the potential to work with brands, why not develop your wings more leverage?

The TubeMate Experience Has The Opportunity to Watch Movies Anytime and Anywhere.

Having a TubeMate APK raised, we can watch unlimited and much easier movies. With a large screen, a high level of resolution together with multi-touch skills, watching movies on a cellphone will be the perfect option for many users.

For those who already know about the internet, of course, they already know about YouTube. Youtube is indeed a site where there are not a few videos that can be seen even downloaded, but also shared on your social media.

And what’s better on YouTube is that you can save your videos safely. Because the number of people who like the YouTube website starts, so that’s why an Android software called Tubemate YouTube has emerged that makes it easy for not a few people to watch and download videos on YouTube on their smartphones.

For more details about this TubeMate APK, below will be conveyed from its usefulness to the best features it has.

Prominent features of the latest version of Tubemate 2.2.9

  • Supports many features to run a background that allows you to download videos while working on others as paying attention to music, washing the house
  • Stop downloading automatically when the internet connection is lost and continue downloading when the internet connection returns to normal
  • Supports users to watch video clips in offline mode
  • The feature of downloading videos from Youtube and not a few other sources with very high resolution
  • Store favorite videos on the YouTube account that have users
  • supports sharing videos to social networks

Those are the best features that Tubemate YouTube has, so you don’t need to spend a little quota when you want to see your favorite videos on YouTube. In addition to the above features, you need to know that there are still a number of the best features that this TubeMate has.

Moreover, the useful techniques that are owned by TubeMate are also relatively simple and do not confuse the wearer, for that if you indeed declare that you are obliged if you have to download the tube in your smartphone.

Tubemate is used by Many Videographer and Football Analyst for Daily Activity

With many features available, Tubemate also used by Football Analyst to review the games, because they can easily download and play it offline in their laptop. Not only there, but many media also use Tubemate to download and cut the football game video to create highlights video or summarize several videos to be a compilation. With its small size of the application and easy to use, it became one of the tools for a videographer to download video from the internet.

It’s still on the debate whether Tubemate can be an alternative for Youtube if they will start doing advertising or other monetization channels. However, many websites who use Tubemate as their video uploader to go will not agree if they start giving the application a price for it. Some of the niches are online betting websites and sportsbook services which serves registration and transaction for sportsbook betting and also live casino. They prefer using Tubemate as their application to download and upload a video for their benefit.


The Best Youtube Gaming Channel for Smart Gamer!

Youtube is a part that is no longer separated from gamers. That the space prepared in the beginning to be limited to accommodating free creative ideas from various circles, began to become the best “home” to get gaming content quickly.

Youtube spends so little solution for the various needs of different gamers, from entertainment, filling the curiosity about the latest game releases, just looking at beautiful women eating their favorite games, to the knowledge itself. There are so many Youtube channels that are designed to focus on one specific content, and of course, success in achieving super high popularity. A straightforward example? Pewdiepie, for instance. Furthermore, special channels like how to earn money from online games also have high viewers, be it from selling avatar or character and also from playing poker or betting in sports games. Nowadays online games are ridiculously popular among youtube users, many say that it’s one of the most promising channels in youtube, and online gambling games is on of them.

So like all content contained on the internet, it becomes your full right to judge YouTube content on the channel as what fills what we want. Want to feel the playthrough with various funny comments? There is no prohibition. Or do you want to see what the first gameplay is like to pick up the decision to make your purchase later? Youtube also offers similar content. But it should also be remembered, and there are not many Youtube channels out there that come with content that is ready to make you understand and know the gaming industry better.

For this last thing, there are so many ways to do it. There is a channel that focuses on technical analysis, each of the latest and oldest releases that we have never imagined before. There is a channel that is limited to focusing on talking about super old games in terms of design and gameplay, to those who negotiate elements in the game that are unique to discuss.

Everything appears to give up a new and contradictory perspective to view the video game itself, a knowledge that will create you to appreciate the passion that makes you all, this one community. Although it must be acknowledged, the majority of them do require you to have the skills to hear English above average. Then, from all Youtube gaming channels that offer educational content about video games like this, which one do we say we should not miss?

Done Quick Games

Calling it an “educational” channel for gaming can indeed be called excessive. But on the other hand, it is almost impossible to see that we will not pursue something learned from the familiar Youtube channel through their annual donation event on this one. As the name suggests, the Done Quick Games are a “home” dedicated to speedrunners to show their abilities. Competing to complete a game with split techniques, using even a glitch, it is not uncommon to be an exciting sight.

Especially if they succeed in doing a movement or strategy that we never knew could be done before. Aside from being entertainment, GDQ will show you how something “impossible” can be done. The gamers who handle it do not hesitate to share tips and tricks as well as an explanation of why they are working on specific actions.

Giant Bomb

There are so many giant gaming media out there with credibility worthy of thumb and high popularity. Choosing only one of them must be a pretty confusing activity. But for the affairs of Youtube and the various content they offer, it’s hard not to choose Giant Bomb.

Even though it does not contain funny edited content or the like, Giant Bomb has one segment that has the name “Quick Look” which includes 1-2 hours of the latest game whatever they get, without editing. Like the live-streaming process, you can see what content is offered there. Maybe it can help us weigh the decision to make a purchase later. Not infrequently, this session was brought by among the development team to give a clearer perspective about what they offer in the product.

Mark Brown

The video game that you enjoy is a final product from the hard work of the developer that is so housing behind the scenes. That the level we are tasting, the enemy we are fighting against, the music that we hear around adventure is not something that is suddenly present but is carefully thought out by developers to convince more comfortable empirical gaming. Mark Brown explored the following. He negotiated the design level and the argument why some of them were fantastic.

He sometimes also exchanged ideas about how the music in the game provoked the atmosphere of the game we were tasting, talking about nostalgia as the best spirit to “sell” a video game, for example. Everything is offered in videos with good edits and clear audio.


A legend, there are no right words to express the role and commitment of James Rolfe and Mike Matei. Just as offered by Gaming Historian in the previous list, the duo that is now standing under the banner “Cinemassacre” is indeed focused on talking about and introducing old games and consoles, which you have never even seen before.

One of the characters raised by James Rofle is “Angry Video Game Nerd” – a character of ancient gamers who always appeared full of invasion for substandard quality games or indeed, filled with frustration. Although offered in a form that entertains, believes or not, the way that he stretches does give us a knowledge that we never thought we would know – which old games are worthy of being categorized as “Trash.”

Did You Know Gaming?

This is probably the name of the Youtube channel that seems to be quite popular to be enjoyed by any gamer, classified as only digging for entertainment on this one video website. Like the name, he was carrying out, Did You Know Gaming (DYKG) is a channel aimed at discussing various information relating to the back of a game, easter egg, or various information that you never knew about the product you sampled.

Extending information related to a particular game or console title is the main focus of this DYKG, and usually, the content they offer is too much to miss.

The above is a gaming channel on Youtube which, according to us, offers content that is not limited to entertaining but is also able to create gamers to “catch” less information and knowledge about this one favorite. That it’s not uncommon to be engaging and fun, the game industry is a collective slam of not a little talent, interest, and ambition that triggers a product that you ultimately taste and value. In the end, each of them will make us more aware that there is a priceless bone for each of the coffees that you enjoy, even though sometimes it leads to unequal quality.

How about us? Of all the Youtube gaming channels out there, which one according to your description is essential to be witnessed to create smarter gamers? Feel free to comment and expand the list!

Features of TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader

  • It is a major application, light and snappy, a magnificent response for download your most adored chronicles and those which you have to watch without affiliation.
  • In any case, accurately it is in an Android convenient where they are increasingly required, as survey here a video online needs more mega from our data structure.
  • On the off chance that we have WiFi, you can utilize the best of the Tubemate Features. You can misuse it and download with TubMate those chronicles that we like to such a degree. We will have the ability to reduce the costs when we are out of the home, and we will save the substance that we need.
  • TubeMate is a YouTube downloader in which you can use the application remembering the ultimate objective to download accounts explicitly from YouTube mate into your wireless.

  • This application will give you the absolute adaptability of downloading all kind of records that are open on YouTube explicitly with no alternative repressions. You can correctly save your documents to your SD card memory and after that watch them later at whatever point you are free.
  • The a standout amongst the best application which additionally obliges this application is the opportunity apk and you can download it for nothing.
  • It is definitely not convoluted to use the TubeMate application with a particular ultimate objective to get to survey your most adored accounts. If you basically tap the green catch which arranged at the base of the screen in the application then you can without a lot of a stretch start scrutinizing the chronicles. The application will in like manner offer you the chance to pick the idea of the video that you should need to download like HD quality or some different goals.


  • In view of the Tubemate download arrange that you have picked you may require an extra application to play such kind of records. When you download any accounts by using the TubeMate structure, at that point they will be as is normally done saved to your ability card. You can either desert them all things considered or moves them to separate envelope with the objective that it will be basic for you to discover the downloaded accounts.
  • TubeMate is believed to be the speediest and the most outstanding YouTube Downloader. It will in like manner engage you to get to quickly, interest, share and download YouTube chronicles. Since the downloading will constantly happen far out, you can likewise watch YouTube accounts when it downloaded.
  • TubeMate wins easily perfect for you to change over records to MP3 by using MP3 video converter. It will in like manner empower you remembering the true objective to download the accounts as MP3 direct.

Let’s Get Started

So what are you waiting for, get started now.