Youtube is a part that is no longer separated from gamers. That the space prepared in the beginning to be limited to accommodating free creative ideas from various circles, began to become the best “home” to get gaming content quickly.

Youtube spends so little solution for the various needs of different gamers, from entertainment, filling the curiosity about the latest game releases, just looking at beautiful women eating their favorite games, to the knowledge itself. There are so many Youtube channels that are designed to focus on one specific content, and of course, success in achieving super high popularity. A straightforward example? Pewdiepie, for instance. Furthermore, special channels like how to earn money from online games also have high viewers, be it from selling avatar or character and also from playing poker or betting in sports games. Nowadays online games are ridiculously popular among youtube users, many say that it’s one of the most promising channels in youtube, and online gambling games is on of them.

So like all content contained on the internet, it becomes your full right to judge YouTube content on the channel as what fills what we want. Want to feel the playthrough with various funny comments? There is no prohibition. Or do you want to see what the first gameplay is like to pick up the decision to make your purchase later? Youtube also offers similar content. But it should also be remembered, and there are not many Youtube channels out there that come with content that is ready to make you understand and know the gaming industry better.

For this last thing, there are so many ways to do it. There is a channel that focuses on technical analysis, each of the latest and oldest releases that we have never imagined before. There is a channel that is limited to focusing on talking about super old games in terms of design and gameplay, to those who negotiate elements in the game that are unique to discuss.

Everything appears to give up a new and contradictory perspective to view the video game itself, a knowledge that will create you to appreciate the passion that makes you all, this one community. Although it must be acknowledged, the majority of them do require you to have the skills to hear English above average. Then, from all Youtube gaming channels that offer educational content about video games like this, which one do we say we should not miss?

Done Quick Games

Calling it an “educational” channel for gaming can indeed be called excessive. But on the other hand, it is almost impossible to see that we will not pursue something learned from the familiar Youtube channel through their annual donation event on this one. As the name suggests, the Done Quick Games are a “home” dedicated to speedrunners to show their abilities. Competing to complete a game with split techniques, using even a glitch, it is not uncommon to be an exciting sight.

Especially if they succeed in doing a movement or strategy that we never knew could be done before. Aside from being entertainment, GDQ will show you how something “impossible” can be done. The gamers who handle it do not hesitate to share tips and tricks as well as an explanation of why they are working on specific actions.

Giant Bomb

There are so many giant gaming media out there with credibility worthy of thumb and high popularity. Choosing only one of them must be a pretty confusing activity. But for the affairs of Youtube and the various content they offer, it’s hard not to choose Giant Bomb.

Even though it does not contain funny edited content or the like, Giant Bomb has one segment that has the name “Quick Look” which includes 1-2 hours of the latest game whatever they get, without editing. Like the live-streaming process, you can see what content is offered there. Maybe it can help us weigh the decision to make a purchase later. Not infrequently, this session was brought by among the development team to give a clearer perspective about what they offer in the product.

Mark Brown

The video game that you enjoy is a final product from the hard work of the developer that is so housing behind the scenes. That the level we are tasting, the enemy we are fighting against, the music that we hear around adventure is not something that is suddenly present but is carefully thought out by developers to convince more comfortable empirical gaming. Mark Brown explored the following. He negotiated the design level and the argument why some of them were fantastic.

He sometimes also exchanged ideas about how the music in the game provoked the atmosphere of the game we were tasting, talking about nostalgia as the best spirit to “sell” a video game, for example. Everything is offered in videos with good edits and clear audio.


A legend, there are no right words to express the role and commitment of James Rolfe and Mike Matei. Just as offered by Gaming Historian in the previous list, the duo that is now standing under the banner “Cinemassacre” is indeed focused on talking about and introducing old games and consoles, which you have never even seen before.

One of the characters raised by James Rofle is “Angry Video Game Nerd” – a character of ancient gamers who always appeared full of invasion for substandard quality games or indeed, filled with frustration. Although offered in a form that entertains, believes or not, the way that he stretches does give us a knowledge that we never thought we would know – which old games are worthy of being categorized as “Trash.”

Did You Know Gaming?

This is probably the name of the Youtube channel that seems to be quite popular to be enjoyed by any gamer, classified as only digging for entertainment on this one video website. Like the name, he was carrying out, Did You Know Gaming (DYKG) is a channel aimed at discussing various information relating to the back of a game, easter egg, or various information that you never knew about the product you sampled.

Extending information related to a particular game or console title is the main focus of this DYKG, and usually, the content they offer is too much to miss.

The above is a gaming channel on Youtube which, according to us, offers content that is not limited to entertaining but is also able to create gamers to “catch” less information and knowledge about this one favorite. That it’s not uncommon to be engaging and fun, the game industry is a collective slam of not a little talent, interest, and ambition that triggers a product that you ultimately taste and value. In the end, each of them will make us more aware that there is a priceless bone for each of the coffees that you enjoy, even though sometimes it leads to unequal quality.

How about us? Of all the Youtube gaming channels out there, which one according to your description is essential to be witnessed to create smarter gamers? Feel free to comment and expand the list!